IT-enabled Services


Our business process services utilize components of artificial intelligence, automation and the Internet of Things (IoT) to co-create custom workflows or plug ins and build tailor-made solution(s) that fit your industry and audiences. In the recent times, we have participated in component based service rendering to enable a large program reach its fruition. In certain cases we encapsulated the common service across partner companies and converted each cost center into a single shared service center and made it more efficient with latest technology tools and transformed the cost burden into a magic portion of ROI.

 Here is a snapshot of one of the recent used cases:

 Use Case - Shared Service Center

Board of an EU headquartered multinational invited our Dutch partner to chalk a roadmap for Digital Migration preparing for Industry 4.0 practices. We were partners in execution of the program.

During the process it was identified that same / similar operational activities are performed by all sister companies leading to a lot of iterations / redundancy / multiple vendor SLAs / multiple linguistic tools and solutions / escalated costs / surprise costs / delivery miss outs / disputed AR & AP.

We drew a new process flowchart with process owners and agreeable TATs and exchange rates which was laid on latest technology solution available on the cloud with multichannel touch point access. The redefined process brought out the gaps in participation with highlights and escalations and completely revamped the working model and EIS. Armed with near online multi country operational data became a big asset. All this was made available with fraction of the original cost to each separate entity with remarkable familiar back end response team common across continents which made replica and introduction of the bot based activities. The IT enabled services (with proprietary IT ecosystem) included EIS / Customer Support / Travel Services.