IT-enabled Business Process



To transform your business into a cognitive enterprise, you need to reimagine your business processes. Intelligent workflows can help modernize your legacy systems and make your business run more efficiently.

Many organizations have been toying with the idea of digital movement and have been in various stages of the same. Largely organizations are in the state of digital exploration, however few have reached the digital player stage. Our expert team would have a series of parleys with the organization at various levels to determine the state of readiness and thereby prepare a roadmap.

In one of our most recent activities we partnered a Dutch consulting company to draw a complete digital business program for the stakeholders. Here is a brief on the same.

Sample Use Case

Client is a multinational group spread across EU, Latin America, Asia Pacific and Middle East with its headquarters in EU. Their primary business is Business Corporate Coaching for Mental Agility, Energy and Performance at Individual, Team and Organization level. Its star coaches are ex Olympians and Mental Coaches in leading National Teams of Team Sports. Their programs typically involve coaches with various expertise who have customized programs for various organizations. Each customized program encompasses multiple courses across countries with a pre-defined calendar. The calendar and scheduling is prepared in consultation with the availability of the coaches and participants. Each course lasts across multiple weeks with multiple checkpoints to determine the growth pattern of the individuals at all levels and it includes multiple sessions of coaches of various star categories. The client is very renowned with an enviable list of customers as patrons. The organization was on the lookout for a digital tool to match the new age challenges and requirements.


Managewise (headquartered in The Netherlands) undertook the task of meeting the Board members of the organization and the senior management. We partnered Managewise in preparing the digital roadmap for the client. As in most cases, there was keenness in the management team but splintered experiences in technology made the group more of a digital resistor. The Program Solution Group (comprising of principals of Managewise and  Aumtech) drew the digital roadmap for the organization with implementation in agile mode.


Broadly the following was done:

§  Identify a client task force in every region to participate in this activity.

§  Chartered a digitization awareness programs to introduce productive alternates to current model of operations and ills of resisting the demands of time due to lurking proximity of Industry 4.0 practices in the strategies of established players. At this stage efficient and alternate intelligent workflows were proposed to reimagine business process for desired yield.

§  Proposed an agile model wherein the following were done:

o    Identified legacy components and suggested a better upgrade tool which can later be integrated with our roadmap.

o    End users were experiencing more efficient and responsive new age tools and management was getting more timely end user consolidated inputs in new age mediums.

o    Proposed a new digital ecosystem to house

§  LMS

§  Satellite IOT based systems

§  AI

§  Social Media based end user and coach interactions

§  Immortalizing star coaches and proven vintage strategies

o    This led the management to earmark with clarity the ROI of the end clients and thereby work on efficient and transparent pricing model which is easily customizable. This led to demarcation, correct accrual and definition of revenue / receivables and also intra departmental and intra corporate settlements.

§  The entire framework and ecosystem with satellite systems were rolled out as POC to minimize risks, maximize benefits and convert the organization from being a digital resistor to a digital explorer with a clear vision in becoming a digital player.

§  In the final leg of the proposed deployment plan the following got added:

o    List of evaluated IOT manufacturers with supply chain time and cost impact (from POC and trend analysis perspective).

o    Enlisted the Program packaged components both digital and physical with business and corporate gift designs, cost and supply chain logistics.

o    Proposed a POC Shared Service Unit to support entire length and breadth of the organization’s global presence using IT services for

§  Tech Support

§  Vendor Management

§  Travel Services for Coaching Staff

§  Star Coach definition and Master Class model with ROI