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KARES Nxg is a merchant acquiring and retention ERP suite. Its RAD model based on Aumtech’s WAVEIC framework makes it easily customizable, adaptable and adoptable. It comes in four flavors namely, Lite, Plus, Advanced and Enterprise. The first three flavors are offered in SaaS as well.
Salient Features

  • Multi Processor Boarding like FDR, TSYS, GETI, AMEX, Discover…
  • Security implementation based on PCI recommendation with AES256 encryption and 2FA access mode at high risk points
  • Provision for e-Signature integration
  • Integrated with Credit Bureau for UW DSS
  • Certified by GETI
  • Fluid rich GUI enables it to device independent like Mac, Notebook, PC, Smartphones, Tablets etc


Intelli Biz

Payment’s Industry’s complete BI tool to collaborate, identify, measure and campaign trends, growth, pitfalls, grey areas, operation challenges, performers, non performers, costs and revenue points of your business. In a nutshell have a bird’s eye view of your portfolio and then zoom into it step by step.
Salient Features
  • Built on WAVEIC framework of Aumtech with inbuilt plug ins into other suite of Products offered by Aumtech for Merchant Acquiring and Retention business
  • Ability to snap into other third party satellite modules through its WAVEIC framework
  • Online linkage to KwickLink, Aumtech’s B2B collaboration tool
  • For large enterprise, there is a provision to view the high business density zones plotted on the geographical map to assist in identifying and safeguarding the portfolios
  • Ability to warehouse your years of business data
  • Ideal to measure and scale up your portfolio
  • Schedule business intensive data and info to reach your mailbox on defined timelines
  • Download graphics of your business scale and prepare effective business presentations

KD Hybrid

Kwick Download (KD) is a middleware solution which seamlessly integrates into any leading DMS. Uniform fluid GUI enables the user to administer and build terminal files of any model / template / application of any DMS on the fly. The state of art architecture of the Hybrid flavor enables the end users to perform the user tasks on the cloud and see the result in their secure backyard of server premise housing the DMS in realtime
Salient Features

  • Successfully links upto Hypercom, Vericenter, Nurit and Dejavoo. More to come
  • Fluid GUI enables the user to work from any device like Mac, Smartphone, Tablet or Notebook / PC anywhere in the world
  • Millions of records of existing terminal file builds can be migrated on a single mouse click
  • Negates the repetition of major administrative tasks in the middleware
  • Very easy to use. User training can be done over a cup of coffee



One of its kind enterprise digital wallet solution aimed for Banks, Processors, MSPs / ISOs, Merchants and of course the end consumers. Direct linkages to:

  • Merchant Acquiring, Retention and Processing
  • Tokenization and Vaulting
  • Digitization and Transaction processing via QR codes, SMS, Emails
  • Security via secure vault, OTPs, IP locking, AES256 encryption, Physical verification, PCI compliant data centers etc
  • Value Added Services like Loyalty, Concierge Services etc


Aumtech along with its International Partners extends Loyalty as a Service both as Loyalty and Premiere Membership model. The solution encapsulates features and provisions not only to increase you member base but also incite more usage and allows the parent organization to earn revenue and extend benefits at every level

  • Provision to invite complimentary or paid membership
  • Setup unlimited brands / partners
  • Setup unlimited outlets / locations
  • Run different schemes, promotional events, items etc
  • Allow online accrual and redemption
  • Mobile app for both members and Partner organization
  • Integrated with online payment, QR codes, Card virtualization, B2B Private Social Media tool called Kwicklink